8 Tips for Cost-Effective Animated Videos (that won’t bore your audience to death)
Animated videos are a solid option for marketing to your audience in an engaging way, but along with increased engagement and audience attention comes increased cost. Thankfully, with these tips you can help mitigate that, and bring the cost of your videos down.
5 Tech Women to Watch in 2018
As we close out Women’s History Month in 2018, we wanted to provide you with just a few women to keep an eye on this year. Whether they made the list for their own success, or for facilitating the success of others, all of these women should definitely be on your radar this year.
Rethinking the Case Study
Say it with us: challenges, solution, results. That’s the formulaic case study structure B2B companies have been relying on for decades. Want to read one of those dry-as-toast case studies right now? Probably not. What I want to read is an engaging story, one that uses human-centered storytelling to better connect brands with their audiences. Even more, I’m not alone.
3 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Sales (No Couples Therapy Required)
Sales and marketing go hand in hand, each team listening to and supporting the other to achieve success — or at least that’s the blissful vision toward which businesses aspire. The reality? As with any other relationship, it’s complicated.
Attend our December 14th Webinar, Demystifying the Campaign
Good marketing doesn’t have to be a mystery. Join us December 14 for a webinar breaking down the art of the campaign, from a marketing agency that’s been around for nearly twenty years and has seen it all.
Stop Focusing on SEO: Start Focusing on your Content
You’re struggling to find a better way of engaging your audience. If you’re more concerned about search results than content quality, it’s time to get your priorities straight. Put content quality behind the wheel and SEO in the back seat.
Your Campaign is Wearing Spanx: Scaling an Effective Campaign to a Midsized Budget
It’s tough out there for marketers. In recent years, we’ve all been feeling the pinch. With fewer resources to work with and with increased scrutiny from leadership to show results, things have changed. It’s like our campaigns are being forced into Spanx. Long gone are the days when we had the luxury of deep pockets and being able to do things like they’ve always been done.
It’s Not (Just) You: Making Alliance Marketing Relationships Work
It feels like group projects you were assigned in college. Your company is about to start an alliance marketing effort with a partner and you’re on point to make it happen. The dread creeps in. You start to sweat. Alliance marketing campaigns are great for reaching customers (especially in technology where there’s a lot of reliance on partnerships to sell and integrate offerings), gaining exposure to new markets, and sharing the cost and effort with a partner company, but like that group project, the challenges and obstacles can drive you to hit happy hour early.
Are Your Personas Really Helping You?
You know your audience—they’ve always been there. You’ve been selling to them since before your intern graduated to eating solid foods. You know their ages and their buying behavior—and some of them by name. In other words, you can market to them in your sleep. Maybe you are.
12 Pages of 8pt Type: How to Murder an Audience
Bad news: most of your customers don’t (like to) read. Good news: design can help. Attention spans are shrinking, but that really doesn’t matter to you. What matters is that your content’s being ignored. Like it or not, your white papers aren’t catching the attention of anyone who doesn’t absolutely have to read them. Even then, they skim. This isn’t A Clockwork Orange. You can’t force people to engage in your content. You need to entice them.