Case Study

Windows Server 2003 EOS Marketing – Creating opportunity from IT complacency


With Windows Server 2003 no longer supported and thousands of businesses still unprepared for the ensuing security threats, server infrastructure and software companies have opportunity to be part of a migration solution. The challenge? Motivate businesses to act by proving immediate risk, foreseeable reward, and how a full-scale upgrade including your solution bridges the gap.


These companies are partnering with BuzzBee to hone and amplify a recurring key message: Why fall victim to WS 2003 complacency when you can reap the rewards of future-focused solutions in your datacenter? From end of support education campaigns to needs analysis guidance documentation to migration path event demand gen, BuzzBee is at the heart of our clients’ efforts to turn a widespread IT challenge into a better business opportunity for countless businesses.

This really spoke to our needs for migration...the format was effective and informative...the workshop content was helpful for understanding business outcomes versus initiatives.

  • Windows Server 2003 EOS event attendees