Case Study

New Buzz Emerges from Relaunch of Microsoft Technical Training Program


How do you create a successful training program? First you have to devise a solution that people want to learn how to use. Second, you need to create an identity that people recognize and that encourages usage. For the Microsoft Office Division Ignite technical training program, that second point proved elusive. Armed with rich content and comprehensive training materials for customer-facing sales, consulting, and partner roles, the "Ignite" program lacked a central strategic and visual identity, resulting in a diluted brand and inconsistent meaning.


Rather than reshape tried and true themes, BuzzBee recommended that the Office Division reimagine the presentation of Ignite. That meant exploring a variety of ideas that departed from the more obvious and literal ignite/flame metaphor. BuzzBee ultimately pitched four different types of logos. In each instance, BuzzBee walked the Office Division through different scenarios that incorporated the collateral and icons to tell a visual story and reveal the underlying technical truth.

We were blown away with how well BuzzBee knew the values of our audience and how they could articulate that into an impactful visual metaphor to stand for the 'technical truth' brand identity of our Ignite technical training program.

  • Navin Chand
  • Sr. Operations PM,
  • Exchange, Microsoft