Case Study

Fluke Networks Campaign – Retarget audiences for effective product launch


As more teams incorporate personal communication and collaboration solutions into their professional routine, the enterprises they work for often lose IT visibility and control. Fluke Networks had the technology to rein in this “Shadow IT” phenomenon, as well as the experience to communicate their solutions to very technical audiences. But in order to promote their thought leadership and bigger sales opportunities, Fluke needed to connect with a C-level audience.


BuzzBee crafted key messages and audience personas to establish shared understanding around why Fluke’s offerings stand apart and who in the enterprise space can benefit from them. Building on these formative pieces, BuzzBee developed a fresh campaign strategy and toolkit, empowering Fluke to educate and inspire executive audiences to tame their borderless enterprise using Fluke’s latest solutions.

BuzzBee helped us bridge a significant gap between the technical audiences we know and the executive audiences we need to know. Thanks to BuzzBee’s expertise, we’re better equipped to communicate the value of Fluke Networks solutions to the right people for the biggest impact.

  • Fluke Networks Senior Marketing Manager