Case Study

CenturyLink Cloud Campaign - Create awareness and drive adoption of CenturyLink/Intel cloud solution


CenturyLink and Intel were joining forces for the first time to bring CenturyLink Technology Services (CTS) to market. With a short timeframe and the need to drive measurable sales traction quickly, the tech giants needed alliance guidance and marketing building blocks to create awareness and drive adoption of CTS solutions.


BuzzBee drove campaign creation with simultaneous work streams, creating efficiencies using an agile approach. Capitalizing on existing resources, market testing and deep industry knowledge, BuzzBee determined who to reach with what message and the content strategy to help it resonate in a crowded market, paving the way to build new media along with full-scale content and creative. CenturyLink Technology Services’ debut campaign reaped over 3,600 active leads in the first 90 days.

The BuzzBee team did amazing work for CenturyLink, the campaign assets were praised by the very top of our marketing organization. The integrated, multi-asset campaign focused around unique personas with a targeted plan for their buying journey brought our company the key results we set out to achieve.

  • John Wernke
  • Sr. Manager
  • CenturyLink