Case Study

AMD Opteron A110 Launch - An Innovative Video Drives a Technology Revolution


Nearing the launch of their new Opteron processor, AMD wanted to make a big splash in the marketplace. They needed a strategy for highlighting the chip's innovations in power and energy efficiency in an exciting, meaningful way. Such a revolutionary technology warranted an equally revolutionary message to captivate a discerning IT audience in a highly-competitive market.


AMD partnered with BuzzBee to create a video highlighting the ingenuity of the new chip in a sleek, compelling way to drive excitement around the launch and reaffirm AMD’s history of innovation. Building on the metaphor of a finely-tuned racing machine for custom-tuned power and performance, small form factor, and extreme power-efficiency, BuzzBee’s goal was to produce an arresting, memorable video for debut at ARM TechCon. The result? AMD won 2nd place in the PSAMA Pulse Awards, recognized for the strategy, creative execution and impressive business results generated by the campaign.

This recognition is the result of hard work and dedication to my business. I know BuzzBee for their willingness to collaborate and really get to know my business.

  • Matt Kimball
  • Sr. Product Manager
  • AMD