AMD is 1st runner up in the Puget Sound American Marketing Association Pulse
Awards. The revolution has come - and conquered!

Seattle, WA – November 7, 2014

BuzzBee, a Seattle-based strategic technology marketing and communications firm, announced today that AMD, a longtime BuzzBee client, is 1st runner up in the 2014 Pulse Award from the Puget Sound chapter of the American Marketing Association. Pulse is a truly special—and unique—award that recognizes not just the creative work on a campaign but also the strategy behind the creative work and, importantly, the business results generated by it.

AMD’s Matt Kimball, a BuzzBee client of five years, agrees. “This recognition is the result of hard work and dedication to my business. I know BuzzBee for their willingness to collaborate and really get to know my business.”

The video was built around the announcement of AMD’s revolutionary new processor, which combines enterprise computing power with the energy efficiency of a much smaller processor, one that would typically run a mobile phone or tablet. BuzzBee is proud to have partnered with Hand Crank Films on the campaign, which introduced this disruptive technology while building on AMD’s historic ability to deliver advanced, industry-transforming technology.

‘The revolution is coming!’ That phrase, along with images including a racing motorcycle—sleek and extremely powerful for its size—created buzz and paved the way for the very successful product launch.

Of the campaign, Max Kaiser of Hand Crank said, “Film is probably the most collaborative medium available for advertising. When you work with a team that gets this, the process is far more fluid, more fun, and more effective for the client.”

Michele Keeffe, BuzzBee CEO, added, “For the past 14 years BuzzBee has been focused on doing great work for clients and we’ve spent little time on industry awards. But after collaborating so closely with Hand Crank Films for our AMD client, Matt Kimball, we had a success story we knew we needed to share with our community.”

Congratulations to AMD! BuzzBee and Hand Crank are proud to have partnered with you on this winning venture.

About BuzzBee:

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