Case Study

Microsoft Invigorates Exchange Server with Redefined Feature Set


The Microsoft Exchange team believed they had a powerful story to tell around archival compliance, one that could drive more companies to deploy or upgrade to Exchange Server. However, this was a complex feature and depended heavily on simple storytelling to position Exchange Server’s built-in, automated, and regulatory archiving compliance features as more trustworthy and better performing than the industry norm.


BuzzBee worked with the Exchange team to develop six short animated videos spotlighting different components of Exchange archiving. The short video series offered a fresh and fun way to communicate Exchange Server’s archiving features to a variety of audiences in a way that was concise and easy to understand. Through these videos, the Office Division now has a compelling and entertaining way to tell the power of their archiving solution to existing and potential customers, analysts, and the press.

BuzzBee’s video storytelling ability helped us to effectively tell a complicated story while at the same time, helped us overcome an established industry bias so our customers could see the value of Exchange Server’s archiving solution.

  • Ankur Kothari
  • Sr. Product Marketing, Exchange
  • Microsoft