We’re marketers who know technology.
We’re technology geeks who know marketing.
Take your pick.

We understand your world, the ever-changing technology universe. Technology is in our blood. It’s our passion. We know it; we use it; we believe in it. Virtually everyone at BuzzBee has a history of working with technology leaders, including AT&T, Dell, HP, HTC, Intel and Microsoft. We’re not an ad agency. We’re not a PR company. We’re a marketing firm strictly focused on innovative communications for technology clients like you.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Alliance Marketing

What do you get when two great companies join forces and go to market together? Ideally, you get a solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts. But that takes more than slapping a couple of logos on a product. It takes a genuine understanding of technologies and brands and corporate cultures. And it takes joint storytelling that communicates a better solution with unique benefits for the customer.

Product and Service Marketing

Marketing is our core competency. How does your enterprise reach out directly to the customer and sell a product or service? Who’s the target audience? What’s the strategy, point of difference, key message? What content and materials will genuinely make a connection with your customers? Your product or service exists for a reason. We’ll help make that abundantly clear. And in a crowded marketplace, we’ll drive results.

Sales Field Enablement

Most enterprises we work with have hundreds or thousands of sales people. What is your strategy for increasing sales? How could you help your sales organization sell more effectively? What tools and materials should you provide? We can ensure there is no disconnect between your marketing department and sales force. How? By talking to as many people as possible. By asking probing questions. By exploring new ideas. By looking at several strategies. By offering a variety of solutions.

Partner Readiness

It’s a highly competitive market out there. With manufacturers jockeying for partner mindshare, potential partners will go with the enterprise that provides the best support and incentives. By offering training, technical guidance, marketing materials, and of course, strong financial incentives, you’ll give partners the tools they need to make selling easier. You’re there to help your partners take things to the next level. So are we.

Demand Generation

Demand generation is the process of getting an audience excited about something. Why should people care about an upcoming product or event? How can you build curiosity and anticipation? And how can you get people to make an emotional commitment early on? We think demand generation begins and ends with a fundamental understanding of the target audience. That understanding only comes from experience. The kind of experience we have in spades.