Rebekah Boon

Director of Client Services

Rebekah Boon

Re·be·kah Boon (Rĭ-bĕ-kŭ Bōōn) Adj. [Lat. < the funk]

  1. Passionate: Rebekah personifies dedication both personally and professionally, bringing big ideas to life in transformative ways while still managing to walk her dog.
  2. Collaborative: Providing the support, comfort, and confidence that companies need from a partner is what Rebekah does best.
  3. Adventurous: Rebekah loves shifting the paradigm, challenging clients to let go of their preconceived notions and explore solutions in a new and different light.
  4. Perceptive: Rebekah can read a room like nobody’s business, knowing when to drive a conversation and when to stand out of the way of innovation.


creative, entrepreneurial, road trip enthusiast, vivacious, amateur comedienne, mother, dog-walker