Michele Bourdon Keeffe


Michele Bourdon Keeffe

Mic·hele Bour·don Keeffe (mĭsh’-ĕl bōr’-dῠn kēf) n. [OFr. < bumble bee]

  1. Savvy: Guided by her belief that technology can empower people to change the world, BuzzBee founder and CEO Michele strongly supports clients and employees in their commitment to making a difference.
  2. Passionate: Michele challenges her employees to seek out and invest their time and talents in causes they feel deeply about.
  3. Supportive: Michele sees possibility in everyone which is why she nudges clients and employees to go past their comfort zone and push their own perceived limits.
  4. Driven: Michele loves utilizing her experiences at Intel and Microsoft with her company’s proven experience to help clients uncover meaningful solutions.


exuberant, positive, philanthropic, strategic, long-term thinker, wife, rower, hockey mom, badass, skier, dog owner