Lance Blanchard

Creative Director

Lance Blanchard

Lance Blan·chard (läns blän-chùrd) n. [Old French < the fourth Musketeer]

  1. Impactful: Lance’s 16+ years of success shaping, launching and developing front-line strategies and heightened consumer engagement could explain why he’s a quality and results champion, from concept to completion to client high five.
  2. Scientific: Lance believes research and analysis begets a defendable look and feel. Process driven and wired to strategize, Lance combines art with science to ensure high-value engagements.
  3. Adventurous: Want to hear something wild? From racing motorcycles to winning Telly Awards, Lance isn’t afraid to try new things and loves applying that experience to tackle even newer obstacles.
  4. Supportive: More than just the head of our creative team, Lance collaborates with people to understand and enable them for professional and personal success.


award-winning creative, outdoorsman, fitness fanatic, father, comedic morale booster, Dachshund fancier