Cindy Lavoie


Cindy Lavoie

Cin·dy La·voie (sĭn’-dē lŭ’-voi) n. [OFr. < avenue]

  1. Effective: Cindy’s natural curiosity drives her to create compelling, well-thought messages.
  2. Brilliant: Cindy is the resident Einstein at BuzzBee: a graduate of Princeton University and M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management and a former marketing professor at the University Of Washington Foster School Of Business.
  3. Collaborative: Cindy is fascinated by how technology works, often diving in deep with engineers to discover more about the evolving world of technology.
  4. Experienced: Cindy brings twenty-five years of technology marketing and public relations expertise to BuzzBee.


collaborative, intelligent, inquisitive, thoughtful, strategic, innovative, communicator, reader, gardener, hiker