Chris Holt

Art Director

Chris Holt

Chris Holt (krĭs hōlt) n. -Holtiest, adj.-Holtistic

  1. Collaborative: Chris is an active listener, energetic participant, and big team player who loves utilizing his creative talents to formulate unique, consistent, and effective brand solutions.
  2. Diverse: Chris has designed brands for technology, real estate, marine, industrial, and marketing organizations.
  3. Cutting Edge: Chris embraces the freedom, boundary stretching, and level of high-quality work that new technology affords.
  4. Effective: Chris brings to BuzzBee more than 15 years’ experience as an owner and operator of a full-service strategic branding and graphic design services firm responsible for all aspects of brand development.


artistic, oil painter, illustrator, listener, tree lover, skier, sailor, swimmer, hiker