Cari McIalwain

Chief Talent Officer

Cari McIalwain

Ca·ri Mc·Ial·wain (káir-è mack-ül-wane) v. [Gaelic < to roll tide]

  1. Inquisitive: Cari loves mining for new information and perspectives to bring great people to BuzzBee and, in turn, bring smiles and elation to our clients.
  2. Charismatic: At the crossroads of effortless charm and positive vibes, you’ll find Cari inspiring others to make BuzzBee’s culture even better.
  3. Encouraging: Cari understands that everyone wants to belong somewhere and feel appreciated. A people pleaser at heart, Cari is happy when she can inspire people to try something new and realize great potential.
  4. Collaborative: A college recruiter for over 10 years, Cari believes finding the right school (or the right job) is one of the most important decisions one can make. Cari enjoys taking time to get to know people, understand their skill sets, and pair them with the knowledge and tools to get ahead.


Northwest native, Alabama alumna, cook, life of the party, mother, teacher, career path matchmaker