Bob Michaels

Director of Project Management

Bob Michaels

Bob Mi-chaels (bahb my-kulz) adj. [strong with The Force]

  1. Savvy: A seasoned veteran in the digital space, Bob’s experience spans both sides of the client/vendor fence, including Amazon, Priceline, and numerous agencies. The one constant: his appreciation for elegant, elaborate project planning and just getting it done.
  2. Inspirational: Sometimes pulling from what you know is appropriate. And sometimes looking at challenges with fresh ideas is better. Whatever the project, Bob leads by example, leaving room for his team to push the envelope – and themselves.
  3. Proud: Bob wears his experiences and relationships like a badge of honor. If he hadn’t taken that job making milkshakes at Roy Rogers, he reckons he wouldn’t have found his way to BuzzBee, let alone come to monopolize the agency’s Spotify account.
  4. Unexpected: Educated colleagues on the nuances of trap music. Retained knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System for future nonplussed generations. Watched every episode of Alf. These are facts about Bob.


diplomatic, animated, analogy wizard, food truck wrangler, Marvel Universe expert