Case Study

Branding a Consistent Powerful Voice across Office Division


The Microsoft Office Division was in search of a fresh set of iconography that offered creative simplicity while clearly conveying the component they represented (i.e. server, desktop, email, shield, lock, and so on). In addition, Microsoft wanted the new visuals to be thematically connected to one another in support of all of the Office Division’s products. For example, if someone saw collateral for Lync or SharePoint, the look and feel should be the same, forming a cohesive brand identity that would resonate with its intended audience.


BuzzBee compiled a master list of terms pooled from discussions with dozens of Office stakeholders. The Office Division then whittled down the list to a core group of words which Buzzbee converted into a set of 125 visually rich and easily recognizable icons. This creative icons enabled Microsoft to help simplify the Office story and create a consistent experience across the entire spectrum of Office Division products. The Office Division is currently employing the set of icons for a wide range of purposes including internal documents and presentations for various conferences.