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What is a training organization?

Lindsay Schaller wrote this on Jul 25 / 0 comments

Lindsay Schaller is steady, focused and insightful, bringing elements of organizational development to our marketing efforts.

When I started at BuzzBee over five years ago, I often heard the CEO refer to BuzzBee as a “Training Organization.”  Looking up the term on Google revealed a wide range of companies that claim to be training organizations.  Despite the differences, it was easy to see what BuzzBee had in common with these other training organizations: 

A larger, overall purpose that is supported by training efforts.

Decisions at BuzzBee are guided by our strategic plan that outlines our mandates, of which we highlight developing the right talent.  This translates to formal and informal training to get critical knowledge in the heads of our employees to meet our business objectives. 

Training by actual subject matter experts who are deeply immersed in the subject they are teaching.

Everyone at BuzzBee plays a role in training, starting with the CEO.  We have an employee led onboarding program that connects experts in functional areas to new employees, monthly staff-wide training that brings outside experts in a variety of fields, and partnering of junior level employees with more senior colleagues for on-the-job training that promotes advancement in their careers.

Documented methodologies that ensure a consistent outcome.

For BuzzBee, we have several internal initiatives that support a consistent training experience.  We have a BuzzBee Cookbook that is used a reference guide for the BuzzBee way of doing business and is well-used by new and existing employees alike.  In addition, our Knowledge Management initiative helps to ensure a consistent practice of documenting and sharing knowledge organization-wide.

A training organization is not something you are, it’s something you do.  And doing it well means making it intentional and planning for it from the top down.  When you are a training organization, you are also by default a learning organization.  The better you are at training, the more value you can bring to your clients and your own business.  The value of being a training and learning organization far outweighs the effort of execution.