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10 Reasons 2013 Tasted SO Good!

Corey Pilkington wrote this on Jan 7 / 0 comments

Corey Pilkington thrives on taking complex problems, simplifying them, and delivering content that rocks her audience.

It’s hard to believe we’ve wrapped up 2013, but here are a few reasons we are toasting. We’re looking forward to what 2014 has to offer! Happy New Year!

Online video is a must for technology marketing

Corey Pilkington wrote this on May 8 / 0 comments

Corey Pilkington thrives on taking complex problems, simplifying them, and delivering content that rocks her audience.

As technology marketers, keeping up with the production of smart and fresh content to feed your sales cycle can be a tremendous amount of work. Creating effective whitepapers, case studies, webinars, eBooks—and the list goes on—are big investments in time, money, and resources. The marketplace is demanding high-quality content, and according to IT Decision Makers (ITDM), trusted information is hard to find.

More than 8 in 10 ITDMs say it's extremely or very challenging (38%) or somewhat challenging (43%) to find "quality, trusted information on major enterprise IT/security products and services to make informed purchase decisions they are comfortable with."

[Source: 2012 IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement survey ]

So, the pressure is on to create content that makes an impact. I’d recommend that you think smarter and not harder about your content development. If you’ve already created some high-quality content in the form of a whitepapers, case studies, or webcasts, consider repurposing that content into effective online videos. 

If you are trying to reach ITDMs, one of the most effective ways to do that is through online video. According to an IT Business Edge and Google report, 92% of ITDMs consume online video during the buying process, and view those videos 5.3x per week. 

[Source: IT Business Edge and Google, How BtoB Buyers Use Media Through The Purchase Process, August 2011]

So, let's look at a few ways your content can be repurposed effectively as online video.

Turn your detailed whitepaper into an executive summary video. Not all stakeholders in the decision making process require the depth and detail of a whitepaper. Take from your whitepaper the most salient points, key values and benefits, and main differentiators, and turn it into short video (approximately 60-90 seconds).  

Case studies make compelling videos especially when your customer is on camera. Talk about trustworthy content—seeing a customer on camera authentically describing the value of your solution to their organization—that’s pretty powerful. Showcasing different scenarios with your solution in action can build on the believability of your message. 

Turn a webcast into a highlight reel. While your webinar is chuck full of compelling information, not everyone has the time for a 60+ minute webcast. Turn the highlights into a short video that still provides great value. 

Create a video forward to your comprehensive eBook. A video forward can be a great way to introduce the content in your eBook and add value to your audience, even if they don't read the whole thing. It can also build credibility for the author or contributors, making the content even more meaningful. 

Interview attendees at an event to create a MOS (man on the street) style video. Instead of a photo slideshow from your big event, choose to capture sound bites from your audience promote your product or to comment on a pressing issue in your industry. The possibilities are endless and the footage can used for an entire series of videos. 

Elevate your PowerPoint presentation by incorporating video. We've all sat through our share of boring PowerPoint presentations. Add energy and make the complexity of your solution appear simple with video. Create a sizzling introduction video, animate a complex diagram or process, or show a product demo, and your audience will stay engaged and retain more of your message.

A few other things to consider as you are creating online video content...

  1. Repurpose your videos too! A video created for a presentation, can also be a video for your website, and on and on. 
  2. Use video as teasers to promote your whitepaper, eBook, or webcast.
  3. Keep in mind when creating your video that it will be watched on mobile or tablet devices. Mainly, keep in mind the size of any graphics or information being shared to ensure it's viewable on a smaller screen.

ITDMs are actively consuming video to discover, learn, and purchase technology solutions. If you are not already, it is time to integrate online video as a primary tactic in your marketing and sales efforts.