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Are treats allowed in the server room?

BuzzBee Staff wrote this on Aug 7 / 0 comments

2:30pm. Back-to-back meetings. Empty stomach.

We all know the feeling. And on a beautiful summer day, it’s easy for the mind to wander. One moment we’re discussing data flow diagrams, the next we’re seeing tasty treats in unexpected places…

Did we mention today is National S'mores Day? In the same way on-prem and cloud infrastructure can align for amazing results, graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate are best served together around a campfire.

But we haven’t just been sitting around singing Kumbaya all summer. Once you’ve enjoyed a S’more or two, see what we’ve been doing to help our technology clients capitalize on cloud, mobile, social and big data innovation.


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Rather drink your dessert? Try a S'moretini.

BuzzBee Staff wrote this on Aug 7 / There are 0 comments

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