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Why I Don’t Hide in the Bathroom and Look at Jobs on Craigslist

Joey Ellis wrote this on Jul 30 / 0 comments

As our Digital Engineer, Joey is a mixture of designer, developer, and all around geek. Joey loves tackling problems, telling stories with technology, and in his off-hours, brewing beer.

In your life, you will spend 90,000 hours at work. OK, stop crying. No, I’m not trying to shock you into buying a fetal position desk. I merely want to spark your curiosity. Considering how much time you will spend at work, are you happy there? Are the people around you happy there?

Too many companies don’t recognize the importance of their work environment. After all, employees’ happiness isn’t entirely up to them. Who can be happy in a situation where they’re treated like commodities, their surroundings are cold and soul-dampening, goals are spongy and undefined, and happy hour never arrives? Dealing with all of that can make a self-inflicted-workplace-injury-turned-vacation seem worth the price of no one ever trusting you with the paper cutter again.

BuzzBee was recently named one of Seattle Business magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”, and I can testify to the impact of our workplace culture. Mondays don’t feel like being tossed into Dr. Evil’s pit of laser sharks, and Friday happy hour gets transformed from beer-to-forget, to beer-to-… well, beer because beer is delicious.

If your company feels like a disconnected, forehead-in-hand, desk-jockey corral, I have a few tips. I may be a young man, but damn it, I’m a vibeology expert.

Nurture Friendships

When someone accepts a job offer at BuzzBee, they don’t just join a team, they join a group of friends. I know this sounds horribly cheesy, but it’s true. People care about each other at BuzzBee. From the top down and from the bottom up. When people care about each other, mutually beneficial decisions are made, and selfishness and power grabbing are unthinkable. Still skeptical that nurturing friendships at work is worth a damn? Read this eye-opening study from Kansas State University.

Recognize Hard Work

Everyone likes to be recognized differently. Personally, I like hugs, but maybe it’s a quick verbal “atta boy,” maybe an email, or maybe you even implement an online tool like TINYpulse to help you facilitate these interactions. Recognition helps breed contentment and happiness. And according to fancy studies by people much smarter than me, recognition can even help reduce employee turnover rates.

Treat Your Team

Whether it’s food or cocktails, karaoke or Smash Putt, we all appreciate being treated to a good time. When a company treats its employees, it can show employees their hard work is valued, it also creates opportunities for teams to strengthen relationships beyond the usual “thanks for finishing that TPS report”. At BuzzBee, we recently adopted an office kegerator and it boosted office morale—a lot. Even if your budget is tight, inexpensive perks can make employees feel more satisfied.

So, what does this all come down to? Whatever your role, think about what you can do to improve your work culture. As a best-case scenario, you can revolutionize your company culture, improve your team’s morale, boost productivity, receive a high five from the CEO, get a raise or even earn a chocolate chip cookie. And if the cookie doesn’t work out, at least you made the world a better place.

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