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To whoever said “great work inspires great work”…

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We firmly believe it. We’re constantly discovering and sharing great writing, visual experiences and campaigns across the agency. Because we’re storytellers at heart and we love to see unconventional, unapologetic underdog marketing succeed.

We tend to blog about innovations and insights at the intersection of technology and marketing, but today we’re going rogue. Today is all about our favorite campaigns, the ones that make us laugh or cry or do a double take. These are the campaigns that inspire us to think bigger, bolder and weirder.

Lance Blanchard, Creative Director

What makes a campaign great?

A really great campaign has the ability to take a brand or product's unique selling point, make it culturally relevant and then find a unique way to introduce the message to the target audience. Wrapping that message in humor, popular culture or trends can create enormous interest and bring a campaign to life. 

Favorite campaigns

Direct TV -  Get Rid of Cable

Budweiser -  True

E*Trade -  Baby

VW -  The Force

Courtney Hill, Sr. Account Manager

What makes a campaign great?

Great campaigns start with knowing your audience and being inclusive so the most people “get it”. Pemco does this well. They pinpointed very common personas in the Seattle area and created hilariously real situations around them—funny if you know the persona and still funny if you don’t.  

Favorite campaigns

Pemco – Northwest Types

Dominos – Our Pizza Sucks

Dos Equis – The World’s Most Interesting Man

Joey Ellis, Designer

What makes a campaign great?

A great campaign reveals itself when people start thinking, laughing, or caring, and get excited to share those thoughts and feelings with others. At that point, the campaign makes the leap from the head to the heart, and then makes the leap to the hearts of others.

Favorite campaigns

Chipotle – Back to the Start

Apple – Get a Mac

Metro Trains - Dumb Ways to Die

American Express – Small Business Saturday

Earl Siamundo, Content Strategist

What makes a campaign great? 

A great campaign connects with you, moves you, means something to you, therefore compelling you.

Favorite campaigns

Nike – Bo Knows

Apple – iPhone Launch

Intel – Intel Inside

Mercedes Benz – The Best or Nothing

Beats by Dre – Hear What You Want

Morgan Avis, Sr. Project Manager

What makes a campaign great?

I lean towards inventive story telling. An ad can be serious, or funny, but if it gets the story across in a novel way I’m interested.

Favorite campaigns

Humane Society Silicon Valley - Eddie the Terrible

Orphea - Billboard Trap

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