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10 websites to revolutionize your view of interactive storytelling.

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As our Digital Engineer, Joey is a mixture of designer, developer, and all around geek. Joey loves tackling problems, telling stories with technology, and in his off-hours, brewing beer.

As one of the website designer/developers here at BuzzBee, I have noticed a trend coming into place with our website clients. In 9 out of every ten discussions, the client will mention one of three magical words that sum up what they are looking for. Those three words are clean, simple, and energetic.

If these words are very familiar to you, you just might be a web designer. If these words sum up what you want for your site, you just might be a future client. Clean, simple, and energetic are all qualities that shine through in great websites, right?

Sadly, if I asked five clients what they mean by "clean and simple", I would likely get five different answers. If I dug a bit deeper into what each client meant by “clean and simple”, I’d be faced with a more complicated question: How do we infuse this website with energy?

The solution isn't that simple, and I can't hand out any one-size-fits-all answers in this short blog, but I can introduce you to a great option: a dynamic, interactive website.

Why opt for such a website? Because while you see all of the cutting edge technologies that exist behind your service, your clients ultimately seek practical solutions to their practical problems. A dynamic, interactive website can help them quickly realize your offerings are the answer.

With recent developments in mobile compatability, software support, hardware support, and JavaScript libraries to simplify implementation, the Internet is becoming more dynamic and interactive than ever. If your company isn't taking advantage of this new storytelling platform, you might be missing out on one of the most important portions of your marketing efforts. Interactive websites can tell your story in a much more attention-grabbing, informative manner than many other mediums, and with lower long-term maintenance costs.

You should know, however, that an interactive website is only as powerful as the story behind your website. That’s why BuzzBee addresses the challenge in a holistic manner. A fantastic presentation without a solid story won’t leave a lasting impression, and may actually weaken your marketing efforts.

Now for your homework, here is a collection of websites that do a fantastic job of just that. Using interactivity to tell stories, inform customers, and most importantly, emotionally compel. Take a look at what they have to offer. You might just find the solution to your biggest marketing frustrations.

1. Tinke

2. Oakley Airbrake MX

3. Sony: Be Moved

4. HTC One

5. Lexus LS

6. Make Your Money Matter

7. Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

8. Every Last Drop

9. Costa Coffee Experience

10. Conta ContextAd

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