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Taking time for marketing planning helps keep costs low

Nathan Wright wrote this on Apr 30 / 0 comments

Nathan Wright is a Six Sigma Black Belt, helping people and companies achieve more by transforming their challenges into impactful solutions.

This past weekend, I was talking with a marketing manager of a consumer goods manufacturing company.  Her company was getting ready for a new product launch and I was eager to hear about her plans. Her excitement and passion for the new product was infectious, however she seemed a little hesitant to pull the trigger on a web site refresh project. She was nervous to start the project and she was under a tight deadline to get it launched.  She felt like something was missing and she couldn’t put a finger on it. Her budget didn’t have room for mistakes and she asked for my help.

For the next few minutes we talked about what she was trying to accomplish and how well her business goals aligned with the web site plan and her other marketing efforts.  I walked her through the project phases and asked her some pointed questions, and then I sketched a simple graphic for her indicating how and why the cost of implementing changes on a web site increases the later in the process change occurs. The conversation led us to a few gaps in her plan that were easily fixable with a little more time spent planning.  We agreed that a little more upfront planning time before she executed the work would help her keep costs down and feel more confident about delivering on time.

When budgets are tight and deadlines are fast, unplanned changes to a project plan can derail its success. I believe a little planning goes a long way and ultimately saves money. 

Here’s a stylized version of the graphic I sketched. It’s an overlay of the relative cost of making foundational changes to a site once a project starts.  In this case, careful planning and thinking through core issues up front helps avoid making big changes, and cost increases, mid-way through a project. What’s your experience with planning ahead and the cost of change?

Nathan Wright wrote this on Apr 30 / There are 0 comments

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