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So you want to disrupt the status quo. Why?

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“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek
Author, Start With Why
The statement above seems so simple, but further reflection reveals it to be quite powerful and so profound.
Especially when viewed from a technology marketing perspective.
As an enabler of technology, why do you do what you do? 
Have you really given this question much thought?
Sinek contends that in order to succeed in creating disruptive products that deserves a buyer’s consideration, you must first identify why you want to do it.
He suggests that once you articulate the main reason for inventing your technology, your actions will be intentional and will always be in service to your stated purpose, leading you to create great products and inspire people to attach to your brand.
I believe it.  
And I believe all successful thinking starts there.
Because I believe that people make purchase decisions based on emotion, then justify with logic.
Facts and figures drive understanding. Inspiration drives behavior and action.
People are not inspired by what you’re doing or how you’re doing it.  
They are inspired by why.
Sure, people need to be reassured that your technology can stand on its technical merits. But they need to feel their way through the decision making process.   
They need to understand your reason for being. They need to know where you are coming from.
It is the thing that resonates.  It’s what makes them feel good about doing business with you.
When you tell people why you do what you do, they relate to it and start to believe in your cause.
When people believe, they are inspired. When inspired, they act.
And people want to be inspired.
When you articulate why you do what you're doing, it's a statement derived from your core.  
You are communicating from the inside out.
So your message rings truer with your target audience.
People recognize real purpose. It's infinitely more believable. 
And more attractive.
To me, brilliantly engineered technology designed to serve a core belief and messaged with great style and creativity is irresistible.  
There are 3 great and obvious examples of technology companies who start from a core belief and operate and communicate accordingly:
Apple - Think Different
Toyota - Quality above All
Google - Do No Evil
Game changers, all.
So you want to disrupt the status quo?
The key to achieving your goal lies within your answer.
It's so simple, yet so critical and profound.


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