There's a collective current of potential and achievement in the air at BuzzBee. It's fueled by our passion for technology. We attract the best and the brightest in the technology arena, reward their successes and encourage them to maximize their talents. We take what we do very seriously, but never ourselves. Our team members look forward to coming to work and tackling the day's challenges because they have project ownership and the assurance of support when they need it.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Professional growth at BuzzBee is limited only by imagination and drive. People with high standards and big goals excel in our company, and everyone is encouraged to take risks and think outside the box. Here, we give people the tools and empowerment to do their best work.

Dynamic Environment

What happens when you get a group of dynamic individuals together? You have a very exciting environment. Ours has been described as stimulating, motivating and highly entertaining. Flexibility and fresh thinking is key because things are constantly changing and projects move rapidly. Which could be why no one ever claims to be bored at BuzzBee.

Energetic Atmosphere

The great thing about energy is that it's contagious. And there's certainly no shortage of energy at BuzzBee. Everyone has a spring in their step and an attitude of achievement. Our group loves what they do and it shows. When people are surrounded by large amounts of positive energy and are backed with support, they can accomplish things they never thought possible.

Collaborative Success

We pride ourselves on having some of the best high tech minds in the business. So when we multiply that brainpower on a project, the results are astonishing. We have subject matter experts, support staff, consultants and a network of outside partners that all work together for our clients' success.